Modern Roses


There are 4 basic needs for a rose to grow successfully.
1. Water
2. Nutrients
3. Pruning
4. Pest control

Water Regularly Deeply
When you water a rose you should make sure the water flows down into the root zone, tending to more than just the surface. This might mean slowing down and having the patience to allow the water to drain into the deeper layers of soil. Taking this time ensures that the water will rejuvenate the rose, rather than drown it.

Feed Regularly
For a rose to grow and thrive, it needs nutrients. These nutrients provide energy for the plant to develop good soil structure below the surface. They are essential for growth and maintenance of life. Soils containing abundant plant nutrients aid the rose to produce seeds and/or fruits.

Prune Properly
A healthy plant is one that is constantly renewed. To promote the growth of a rose, remove obvious dead wood, wood that is sun-scaled or covered with lesions and any branches that cross through the center of the plant.

Control Pests and Diseases
Pests have an astonishing capacity to reproduce, so it is necessary to spray almost every day to keep up with them. Rose varieties differ in susceptibility to diseases such as mildew and rust. The best cure is prevention, mainly by removing all diseased leaves on the plant and on the ground at pruning time.

For a rose to live well, these 4 basic needs must be met.

When you continue to care for a rose, it bursts with magnificence, provides the most wonderful fragrance, is rich in color, and will be able to perform under extreme conditions. In the beauty of the individually bloomed rose, there is much to learn.