Inhale and

Breathing in, my lungs fill with air.
Breathing out, my lungs decompress.

Breathing in my biggest breath, my chest, lungs and belly fill with air.
Breathing out my biggest breath, my chest, lungs and belly decompress.

When I breathe in my biggest breath, I come to a place that feels inflated and tight. So expanded that if I sip just a tad bit more air in, I might explode. So loaded with life; relationships, emotions, expectations, habits, desires. I can't take anymore in. At least not yet. Not until there is a release. The exhale. I'm waiting for the exhale.

When we exhale, we settle. We soften the areas of us that were stretched thin. A calm takes over and we allow the integration of all that life, find it's comfortable place. Slowly we infiltrate. We begin to understand how necessary the large inhale is for the releasing exhale to follow.

I'm filled to the rim with this big breath of life. I've sipped in a little more air and now, I'm just waiting for the exhale.