What if they think I'm coming off as a know it all?
What if what I have to share isn't worthy of being said?
What if I don't write every day like I promised?
What if, what if, what if...

This story I know so well and if it weren't for the supportive people around me, I might let that little voice run the show. Because at times, it is the loudest little voice, so well-versed in convincing. Convincing me that my work will never be ready to be shared. That it shouldn't be shared until this, until that, until it's all you believe.

If that voice had it's way, there would be no site, no sharing, no possibility for connection. A high price to pay. And so many of us give that little voice the microphone and never kick it off stage. The voice becomes comfortable and grows more confident in it's bullshit. It's fear tactics and worst case scenarios increase the volume and it seems that it's all you can hear.

So I have to be louder. I have to continue to share even when I feel like a fraud, so that one day I won't believe that little voice anymore.