I'm Blue

On any given day, we all have the opportunity to share pieces of ourselves with the world. The kind of pieces we choose to offer up however, differ greatly depending on our mood, the social context and if we got enough sleep the night before. With that being said, "who we are" or how people experience us, is extremely subjective and relevant only in that moment, in that place. It is free to shift and transform seconds later.

We are constantly growing, learning, changing. Editing the draft over and over again with new awareness shaping our perspectives. Who I am today is very different than who I was at 21 years old, at 23 years old, even who I was three months ago. I'm happy about that. But not all the time. Sometimes I experience sadness and doubt and question all that I know. What is "to know" anyway? What I know always changes, just like who I am.

I experience a rainbow of emotions within myself Monday through Sunday, noticing the impermanence of them all. Joy one moment, stricken with fear and anxiety the next. Excitement can quickly turn into frustration. But the screenplay keeps on developing, each scene unique from the one before.

Feeling blue is one particular emotion many of us try to hide or get around. Pretending not to see Sadness sitting there within us, just asking for some attention. "Maybe if they spend just a little time with me, they'd see that I'm really not all bad." I can hear Sadness say. "I'm just trying to help."

Sadness, although not glamorized, is a necessary component of our emotional spectrum. Allowing us to feel, empathize and work through topics and situations that cause us pain on some level. Many of us find creative stimulation and fuel once we've spent time with Sadness and allow our struggles to develop rather than define us. With this connection to our sadness and our ability to process it, we can discover how alike and necessary it is for us. That what we've always defined as a weakness is in fact, our strongest commonality.

Joy and Sadness, Sadness and Joy. You can't have one without the other. A dance between the two, flowing from one state of emotion to the next, building new moments upon the old, shaping our world as we know it.