Greatest Gift

I left for Asia in June with intentions of discovery. Unaware of what hidden treasures would unfold, I committed to 97 days away from home with one thought in mind: adventure awaits.

The past had taught me that asking questions and hoping patiently for the answers, would never get me very far. That in fact, the questions I most yearned an answer for, would never come to me in the clear and concise package I was waiting for. And I couldn't wait any longer. I set off to find whatever it was I needed to, open to the world and it's many invitations.

I hopped around on planes and trains and buses, from Nepal to Indonesia to Cambodia and finally, to Thailand. When I wasn't immersed in nature's masterpiece, I spent time in the cafes that spoke straight to my heart. I enjoyed many conversations, books and cups of tea in between the sunsets, the mountain climbs and the waterfalls. All of them so very vibrant in my mind.

I wondered why all conversations, sunsets and cups of tea didn't feel this way, so rich with life. How upon arriving back home, there was a sort of staleness surrounding me. With the coming weeks I watched, experiencing the shifts that were taking place. What had changed and why was it affecting me so much?

I began to realize that it wasn't so much the object of the experience that created this wonderful feeling inside, but the presence of the experience. Both of myself and of the environment. That throughout Asia, everything pulling me called forth true presence. Void of distractions so common here at home. The cell phone always connected. The to-do list spiraling off into oblivion. So much noise drawing in our senses, leaving little room to be anywhere, fully.

With each step on the path I was diving deeper into what it meant to be present. And more than that, what it felt like. Intoxicating, expansive, timeless almost. Noticing that the moments I allowed to completely absorb me, seemed to carry a heartbeat all their own. A rhythm in tune with the rest of the universe, igniting the energy within me. I was hooked.

How rare presence is when we're living in the fast lane. When we are taking on more than we can handle. When the term FOMO means more than ever before. These rob us of the moment at hand. So concerned with what everyone else is doing that we miss out on what's happening right before us.

When we show up for presence, we honor all the possibilities that the moment offers. We dive into a rich current that flows ecstatically. It takes us over, bringing everything together into one, single, limitless moment in time, here and now.

The greatest gift you can give someone is honest presence, and I hope you do.