Scary Everytime

Throughout our lives we participate in a variety of activities. Some more mundane than not, some a little risky, and others, pretty freaking scary. Scary including; leaving someone who doesn't treat you right, quitting the job that doesn't fulfill you anymore, telling the people close to you that you can't go it alone, no matter how much you make it appear otherwise.

The first thing to remember about the scary choices in our lives is that they never get less scary. We might learn from past experiences that we have the strength to endure, but leaving the relationship or the job never gets easier the second or third time around. Scary is simply scary and over time we learn that running away never gets us very far; mentally, emotionally or spiritually.

The second thing to remember about the scary choices in our lives is that we have to make them. We have to commit to our personal growth so that we might discover, that scary doesn't necessarily mean dangerous, but does mean imperative. Imperative, if we want to live a life in the driver's seat, not as the passenger. Recognizing that the things that scare us most, offer deep satisfaction in hindsight. That we came, we saw and we conquered, when everyone including ourselves, thought we never could.

The final thing to know about making these scary choices is that we need you to. We need you to trust in yourself enough to know when it is time to act or make a change. That often, the actions or changes most needed to be made are the ones that keep us paralyzed. Not by our own will, but by fear's wild imagination. And that when we make these scary choices, we understand more of what we are capable of. We open ourselves up to stepping into the dark. Very aware that stumbling lies ahead, but that so many hidden treasures do as well.

Today marks one month that I have said out loud to myself and to others, I'm a writer. It marks one month of blogging commitment to an unknown potential audience, fully aware of the myriad opinions they might have. "They hate me." "Do they even want to hear this stuff?" "Does sharing this mean I've worked through it?" The list goes on and on.

Every time I am visited by an idea looking to be shared, I have to make the scary choice to share it. Not because you need me to, but because I need me to. Because we all need to trust ourselves enough to know that we can make these choices and that it's our right to do so. Time and time again.