The Catch Up

Between work and keeping up with an exercise regimen, to making meals and maintaining a social life, the time slot left for us to "just be" can feel nonexistent. With this rush to get things done, we allot ourselves less and less time to simply experience existing, unaware of the possibilities each moment might present.

Moving at such a rapid pace can become habitual for most of us. Even if we wanted to slow down, we might not remember how. How to chew our food before we swallow it. To explore the textures and flavors dancing on our tongue before moving to the next best bite. We're in such a rush to get "there", wherever "there" might be, that we manage living on auto pilot.

99% of us are doing "good" most of the time and continue to navigate our day to day with the robot leading the way. This fuels productivity. And social expectation. And no one wants to know how I'm REALLY doing, do they? I can't speak for them, but I, do. If there's something exhaustively true about me, it's that I care so much about you. For no other reason than you are here, on this crazy-painful-beautiful-confusing-awe inspiring planet, doing the best you can.

Once upon a time we laid in the green, green grass and did absolutely nothing but gaze up at the big, blue sky. We listened to the birds sing their songs and didn't bother with what would come next. We can't reverse the clock but we can walk a little slower, breathe a little deeper, and from time to time, take a look up at the sky, and pause.