Fact and Fantasy

Today I am officially the owner of my own website. Say hello to heathrosegood.com.

The only word that comes to mind is surreal. Well, and commitment. Commitment to write something every day, commitment to growth and development as a writer and most importantly, commitment to myself and what I am capable of.

Fact: My website launched today.
Fantasy: My website is viewed by the masses.

Fact: My writing evolves every day.
Fantasy: My writing connects me with Cheryl Strayed and we co-create a workshop series.

Fact: My office space is my backyard (living in California makes this feasible).
Fantasy: My office space becomes various landing pads around the world in my favorite cities.

Fact: I am a 200 RYT- certified to teach yoga.
Fantasy: I share my yoga journey with surrounding communities, facilitating and inspiring growth and deeper internal awareness.

Fact: I have no idea what's to come.
Fantasy: The best is yet to come.

Surreal is when fact and fantasy fuse together. With a strong foundation we feel grounded enough to imagine a world that's ours to create. When we have discovered the things about ourselves that are indisputable, we can stand in our strength when challenges arise. At the same time, when we allow ourselves to be inspired by our dreams, our creative design and our limitless ideas that might be "out of this world", we end up changing the very definition of what reality is.

Although slightly overwhelmed by this surreal feeling inside, I trust in my life's blend of fact and fantasy. It's gotten me this far.