Taking Shape

Every moment of our lives we are being sold, told, persuaded or manipulated to buy into messages meticulously designed for our swallowing. Calculated agendas of what to push to the masses at large. Dependent on the sale or the following to continue being successful, to continue spewing packaged, picture-perfect ideas of what your life should look like, if it’s any life at all.

Many of us have come to discover that what they say we need, isn’t actually necessary and often times isn’t derived from any truth. It’s only motivator being increased sales, increased following. And we’re tired of believing what they say while continuing to pay for something that was inherently ours to begin with. Our worthiness.

But not so fast. How quickly we forget our power of choice in the matter. That the created chaos cannot thrive without your cooperation. Your participation gives life to the lifeless ads, nonstop voices and promises of future happiness. All of these things that surround you cannot live on their own, they need you to survive. Alone, they are two dimensional thoughts, ideas and statements demanding your call to action. You are the reason they begin to take shape. You breathe life into where you place your attention and what you choose to believe; about yourself, about society and about humanity at large.

There is a lot of strength in understanding that you have the key to free yourself from the insanity, if only you so choose. It isn’t easy and it takes commitment to discovering and remaining honest with yourself and what you truly need to engage throughout the days. Is it something outside of you or something within you?

Is it that new outfit or finding time to silence the constant rattle within your own mind? Is it the reflection in the mirror or the person who breathes vitality into it? Is it the image of happiness or the way you share and receive love that shapes it? Is it the advice on how to live from everyone around you or the conviction that you know yourself best and will choose wisely, thankful for the guides along the way? We can ask ourselves these questions at any time and listen for the response. Does the answer flatten your life or does it allow you to take shape?

We are the missing piece of the puzzle that is constantly changing and growing, taking on new shapes with the seasons. Our choice in style and design, food, exercise, social interaction and beyond, morphs with the passing of time. Who we are today is not who we were and allowing ourselves the space to take any shape, to create and to discover, is what we really need to be buying into. We make the relationship possible. We decide if it is going to be a positive one focused on integrity, vulnerability and depth. Or a draining one, leaching energy and chipping away at our heart’s content. You get to decide and your efforts uphold the standard.

It is important to challenge yourself when it comes to impulsive beliefs that, as you are, right here and now, is not enough. That only by believing in this God, having this job, dressing like this, getting this many ‘likes’, are you worthy of real love and meaningful connection. Nothing could be further from the truth. We are all uniquely taking on shapes and discarding them, re-shaping the old and exploding into brand new shapes, never seen before. We need to allow ourselves and those around us the exploration to shape themselves as they see fit, trusting that with love and support, they will find their way into the shape that suits them best.