Celebrate Good Times

Experiencing international travel with my sister, Nicole, who before takeoff had never left California before, has been a powerful journey thus far. One that I will continue to cherish as the days come and go. From questioning what turbulence is to hanging porch side with monkeys, her eyes permanently lit with wonder. We watch butterflies dance among us and swim in warm waters extending out to a never ending horizon. We marvel in the tropical goodness surrounding us and spend most of our days laughing. Completely absorbed in the vastness of existence.

Today, November 2, we celebrated her 23rd birthday here in Goa, India and it was something out of a dream. The greenest trees and bluest waters. Colors bursting with life, everything around us loud with birthday cheer.

Since pictures can say words that I don’t have yet, here is a short story to give you a sneak peak of the magic. Here’s to growth, here’s to adventure and what’s to come. And most importantly, here’s to love, for it knows no bounds.