Loud Commercials

How much of what we experience on a day to day basis provides us with real value?

The optimist in me argues that almost any situation can offer growth, while the realist in me shakes her head in disappointment. Never ending Twitter feeds, proposition campaigns and the newest born celeb baby, fill our personal highlight reels with content that does nothing for us. This constant stream of information stunts our ability to be open and curious about things that truly matter.

We’ve traded a good book for 140 characters, our camping trip for Instagram #getoutside photo searches, and getting to know our neighbors for additional friends on Facebook.

To give ourselves some credit, we didn’t do this on purpose. Media moguls have become excellent at convincing us that everything we need is within reach rather than simply within. One purchase away from true happiness. We're always one purchase away. The noise from all around, especially in December, can take over our internal compasses and steer us in the wrong direction.

The good news here? We have the power to change the course. The power's within us, waiting to be picked. We can choose to log off, to sign out, to leave the phone in the car. To set limits and develop habits that we're proud of. To work really hard to unlearn the habits that waste our time and even worse, the habits that destroy our self worth.

Like when you’re watching your favorite sit-com and the show starts to get really good but a sudden cut to commercial leaves you frustrated and hard of hearing. Similar to our remote control's ability to fast-forward and mute, we can decide what we want to let in and what we want to stay out. Even if we decide to let the commercial run, we still have the choice to turn down the volume.