Hello from the Inside

I am confident that most of us cannot contain ourselves when hearing Adele's newest big hit "Hello". Creating our own rendition by belting out to our heart's content. Well aware that we don't hit the high notes the way she does, too emotionally enticed to care. Because pretending to be the next best version of Adele for those 3 minutes, pouring everything we've got into the vocals, feels so good.

Stumbling upon how others responded to this song clued me into what was really going on here. Whether in their car at a stop light, out to eat on a Friday night or browsing through the grocery store, I was watching people completely let go, finding ease and releasing tension. No shame in their game, not hindered by the environment, lost in their expression of the song. Permission granted to be as ridiculous as necessary.

When we were born, we arrived in a very similar manner. Screaming at the top of our lungs, gasping for air before screaming some more. Similarly, our mamas mirrored this pattern of screaming and gasping. The experience, very primal and raw for both parties. Instinct guiding the way to ensure everyone would get out alive.

How often in our day to day lives do we let loose and engage these fundamental ways of expressing ourselves? Without concern of what other people might think? The answer: not very often. We've pent up our ability to make faces and noises, limiting ourselves only to the ones that society labels attractive. Screaming only when angry. Watching children enjoy the spectrum of emotions playfully, leaving ourselves exempt from the opportunity the older we get.

This song is a door to the freedom that letting go can bring. Throwing our reservations out the window and allowing ourselves the space to be in the moment. To lose yourself in the present tense is a fleeting opportunity the faster we move, the more busy we are and the cooler we want to be.

Any reason to embrace, indulge and explore the sounds, faces and feelings hid behind walls for far too long, welcome with a simple phrase, "Hello from the other side."