Ordinary People

6:40 ish am - Waking up

7 am - Journal

7:30 am - Read a few chapters of "I Was Told There'd Be Cake" by Sloane Crosley

8 am - Meditation

8:30 am - Make mulberry tea, add honey and lemon

8:35 am - Walk around outside while enjoying tea

9:15 am - Flow yoga class with Noell Clark

10:40 ish am - Order the red and green smoothie from Whole Foods drink bar

11 something am - Make house warming invite for a close friend

4 pm - Meet my sister for brainstorming, creative collaboration and laughs - When a homeless person asks you for help say, "Yes, but for how long?"

6 ish pm - Dinner was served

6:40 pm - Drive around listening to Adele's new CD "25" while looking at Christmas lights

7:15 pm - First restorative yoga class in months (much needed)

9:31 pm - Typing this blog post

My days don't always follow this exact pattern but the theme is consistent; to take care of myself. To develop myself and my skill sets. To grow through challenges and make the time to do the things that remind me of how precious life is.

Today was an ordinary day, nothing special or unexpected occurred. I awoke, moved my body, ate and shared moments with others. Most of us have very similar experiences day after day and if we can be present throughout them, we just might find how wonderful the simple things in life really are.

10 pm - Nighty night