True Life: I'm from Silicon Valley

 Artist- Karen Young

Artist- Karen Young

Being raised in Silicon Valley has been quite the double-edge sword.

I am surrounded by young tech-entrepreneurs, innovative and inspiring with their commitment to changing the world, one cloud space at a time. Enticing me with every drive I make down 101, observing the growth surging throughout the Bay Area over the past two decades. Attractive, but does this pace, this lifestyle, this focus on always being more and doing more, align with my practices to quiet the noise, harness personal power and connect with others in a meaningful way?

I run back and forth over how we view and define success. Is success defined by working 10-12 hour work days to pursue financial bliss? Or is success peace of mind, detachment from materialism and possession, and the ability to find beauty in the simple things?

This excites the problem solver, the critical thinker, the creative in me. How can I merge the two worlds, still giving them both the attention they deserve? How can I achieve necessary external success while remaining present and mindful with how I do work, share my work and live each day?

I'll have to get back to you. Until then, know, I'm working on it.