My Sunshine

Today is my mom's birthday & I wrote this for her.

Little Seeds

Before it all started,
We were just little seeds.
Blossoming into our very own flowers,
In what felt like lightning speed.

In the blink of an eye we began to grow tall,
Trying our best not to trip and fall.

But you showed us the way,
With your wisdom and your care,
That though there’d be tough times,
We need not beware.
For after the storm comes a miracle so true,
That a little bit of rain,
Is just what’s best for you.

Our ray of sunshine on a cloudy day,
You strengthened our roots,
So we could come out and play.
You coated our soil with laughter and love,
So we’d always believe in what’s up above.

Where would we be without such a great mother?
Replenishing our garden with enough love to smother.
But smother you did not,
For you wanted to watch us grow.
To learn our own lessons,
Even if that meant falling down below.

Today we stand tall,
Proud of how we’ve grown.
Knowing that with you as our mother,
We can develop as our own.

Thank you for providing guidance,
As you lead the way.
Mommy we love you always,
Day after day.