I Pledge Allegiance

Sweet, young soul
She was only just beginning
To figure out this world
No drowning, just winning.

As she bloomed
She began to discover
That the whole point of life
Is what lies under the covers.

Too scared to look deeper
She turned the other way
Not understanding why
Others seemed to stay and play.

The darkness, it scared her
For it was unfamiliar
Filled with the unknown
And certainly, the peculiar.

She knew right then
That the dark was no place to stay
She needed light to see
She chose to walk the other way.

As she grew
She played it safe
Deciding she’d never
Look fear in the face.

But there’s one thing you should know
About being afraid of the dark
You can look away all you want
But darkness will fill your heart.

Directing her focus towards the comfortable to stay
She was an expert at running, running far, far away.

Running away from what she didn’t understand.
Running away from the love of man.
Running away from the challenges so true.
Running away from all that made her blue.

You can only run so far
Until your faced with the truth
Raw, real honesty
Behold, it’s all inside of you.

Tired of running
With no end in sight
Into the dark I go
Carrying with me, my light.

Today and every day
I challenge myself
To dive deep into the darkness
Discovering all it’s wealth.

It’s never too late
To explore the parts of you
Left alone and abandoned
They can be renewed.

Peer into the depths,
Lean over the edge.
Take a leap of faith,
To this, I take the pledge.

by Heather Goodman