2015 Reflection, 2016 Intention

If you'd like to download the pdf I created for last nights festivities reviewing 2015 and setting intentions for 2016, click here.

Last night I was joined by an awesome group of ladies in celebration of 2015 coming to a close.

We took a look at what this year brought to us and set intentions for 2016. We shared stories that led to laughter, realizing common desires, frustrations and challenges- a reminder that we are never going through the journey alone.

Using reflection as a powerful tool to give us new perspectives and understandings of experiences we were once immersed in. A birds eye view of the terrain with greater clarity and compassion. The hills and valleys, the windy roads and vast empty fields, the faces we know well and others whom we just met- all a beautiful masterpiece.

Our intentions for the new year seemed to follow a reoccurring theme. Forecasts of 2016 in a word; joyous, peaceful, light (drop the bags)- aiming for contentment in the new year. Contentment with the present moment, with our relationships and most importantly, with ourselves.

Recognizing the relationship between our personal power and our circumstances can change how we respond to even the smallest situations. Every year we are presented choice after choice to decide which direction we want to take things. Every decision opening the door to new horizons, possibilities and outcomes. Stemming down from action step to action step.

Every choice you make, no matter how big or how small, is launching you into a current filled with the essence or the spirit of the decision made. Did you spend time wishing you looked another way than you do? Putting others down for living differently? Pleasing everyone else without ever checking in with yourself? Or, did you decide to be a beginner at something? Did you risk looking awkward or silly? Did you say what you really wanted to say? Ask for what you really wanted to ask for? The answers to the questions we are asked determines what comes next.

This year came with things I couldn't of planned for, many of them knocking me off my feet. From down below I wrestled with, sat in despair with and pushed around realities that terrified me. Certain moments I was completely enveloped in fear and anguish and others brought me such peace, a sense of aliveness I never felt before.

2015 through the rear view window:
2 year anniversary with Andre
Began working with Jeff fueling his chiropractic care business
RIP Robert Sakamoto

Opened the new Philz Coffee in Los Gatos
Bree's daughter Rayne Love was born

Above and Beyond show
Aptos getaway with the flock

Certified yoga instructor - 200 RYT
First Coachella
Devastating earthquake in Nepal killing over 8,000

My family and Andre's family finally meet
Kate Mcdonald became Kate McDonald Mayberry
Led my first yoga class open to the public- a donation based class for my trip to Nepal
Lightning in a Bottle with my sister
Going away BBQ

Spent the month in Nepal helping Beyond the Four Walls, a nonprofit committed to expanding the traditional roles women and girls have in Bhaktapur, Nepal. Leading yoga and meditation, exploring harsh and humbling realities, taking in our shared humanity.

Cave swimming, temple hunting, snorkeling, island hopping and eating delicious food in Indonesia. New friends, long bus rides, massages, bike rides and sunsets I'll remember for a lifetime.

Vipassana in Cambodia- 10 days of silence, 10 hours a day of meditation, no phone, no music, no books, just meditation, observation and overcoming.
Thailand traveling- Andre meeting me for the final two weeks in Asia (bittersweet)
Total time away in Asia: 97 days

Back home and unsure of what to make of everything
Created my website

Started my blog
Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival with people I love so much!
Unexpected trip to India with my sister for a month

Home from Asia, for good this year
Total count abroad: 124 days, 1/3 of the year

Launched Sister Roots- 8 Week Women's Workshop
Andre and my dad met for the first time
Held 2015 Reflection, 2016 Intention circle over candles, wine and sweet treats