I wondered who I would be when I grew up.

I wondered what I would do once I finished college.

I wondered when I would land my dream job.

I wondered where all the money would come from that my degree promised.

I wondered why climbing the ladder of success was always void of any real fulfillment.

To wonder is to develop creatively. To heighten awareness and shift perceptions of what you thought you knew only to discover new possibilities and ways of understanding the world. To wonder is not to predict, however, and wonder does not make any promises. So you show up and you do the work. The work that feels uncomfortable at first, silly even. To think that you could possibly create, shape or develop something worth being heard, seen, felt- it doesn't seem real. But if you never wondered, and you never tried, then how would you ever know?

I wondered what it would be like to start a blog.

Today, I thought I'd try.