When you’re inspired, your heart sings in appreciation for every breath; and you’re tolerant, joyful and loving.
— Dr. Wayne Dyer

January 1, 2016 - Today I've been singing, hopping and bopping around, having a damn good time. Why? Because I made it a priority to do the things that make me feel light, centered and fulfilled.

A morning spent filling the pages in my journal, a celebratory yoga class, an afternoon of creative visual design and finally, some experimenting in the kitchen with a non-dairy version of pizza rolls. Stating and creating + movin' and groovin' = Heather at her best.

However, this day wouldn't of been possible if I didn't stand up for myself. It took intention and action steps to make today wonderful. It took kicking my boyfriend out of bed to make it to class in time, canceling plans that I didn't really want to do anymore and allowing myself the time I needed to explore creating.

If we always make choices because of other people, what they want or what you assume is expected of you - usually from yourself - we miss the opportunities that lead to living tolerant, joyful and loving lives.

The art I made today is featured in this blog post as a reminder to myself to keep doing the things that I enjoy, even if it means having a hard conversation.

It's worth it every time.