The Masquerade

Questions I ask myself on a regular basis:

"What are we all doing anyway?"
"Where is all this going?"
"What the hell is happening?"

Updating our LinkedIn profiles, shmoozing and boozing, working jobs we kind of like-sort of feel okay about-but pay us what we need to survive- not thrive. Making enough money to pay the rent and charging the rest to our credit cards. Waking up every morning to get the cup of coffee, to sit in meetings that 90% of the time are useless or unproductive, and to browse social media for hours on end. But hey, we make it home with enough time to turn on the news and fill our minds with unjust acts, death, racism and beyond. WHAT ARE WE ALL DOING ANYWAY?

We feel that something is missing but to look further into that something would mean the gig is up. There would be no where else to hide. We would come face to face with what's inside of us yearning to be shared. Begging to be let out and seen for what it really is. That is too high a cost. If I'm going to make my way to the top, I'm competing with everyone else and to show humanness is to show weakness so instead, I keep my networking focused on getting me to a position that makes me more money therefore, I can be happy. WHERE IS ALL THIS GOING?

Donald Trump is running for presidency. The Kardashians spend more money on one pair of shoes than most of us make in 6 months. The housing market continues to invent new terms to confuse home buyers, eventually screwing them over (see housing collapse of 2007/08). Creative art programs and activity hours are dwindling by the day in our school systems. Instead, human-machines are being manufactured and copied to spit out code and work for Tesla, so one day we can inhabit another planet. ANOTHER PLANET?! Most people in America are unaware of the vast world that surrounds them today here on Earth, interested only in their safety and protection regardless of what that means to humanity as a whole. WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING?

I found out early on that playing a part in this masquerade wasn't going to be something I could do. That to draw a line between my personal life and my professional life wasn't possible and to argue that a system should function this way is ludicrous. It further instills the idea that the employee is replaceable and only valuable for the output created. Don't want to do it their way? There's thousands who will. See-ya!

The lack of heart in most industries turns me off and trains it's people to be loyal to a group of people who frankly, will never give a shit about you. They will never know you. They will never want you to make it to the top. Because doing so would put them and their circle of trustees out of a place at the table. The person above you never wants to see you climb high enough to pass them. What camaraderie! Such an environment fuels our productivity, our stress levels and our disconnection from one another.

The business I want to be in is one where I can be authentically me. Where doing so is seen as a strength, as necessary to serve its audience. Sometimes I wonder if I share too openly. If I give it all away, without first checking if who's listening is deserving. But my heart only knows one way and it sees us all on the same playing field. We all come into this world with one promise: we are going to leave it. When you let this sink in, all the manipulation, the appearances, the bullshit, fades away.

When we forget the human for the system, when we forget the community for the individual, when we forget the love for the game, I say- we've lost what matters most.