Start. Start where you are. Here and now. Do what you can do. Here and now. Remind yourself that it is enough. That sanity won’t be possible if you don’t accept the here and now. If you are always pushing through this work to get to a future state of success someday than you will always be pushing through the work to get to a future state.

You will live today for only tomorrow, never truly experiencing how rich the here and now is. This will take work. This will take practice. This will take kindness and softening. Harsh and rigid lines got you to this place and to find acceptance of what is and to be okay with what is will take work.

Remove the veil, slow down your pace, nothing happens overnight. Take what you’re building as enough, today. Knowing inevitably that it will grow, that you will grow. That this work, doing it and sharing it, is molding you here and now. Trust that the pieces you think are so far away are being built today in every, single way. How you respond to challenge and frustration. How you continue to show up and lead with your heart. How you sit in a place that capitalizes HERE AND NOW over someday.

How you choose to live this moment stamps a foot print into the story of you. Show up for that yoga class whether you teach one or dozens. Show up for that workshop whether you teach one or dozens. Show up for yourself, regardless of the outcome, because it is what you do.

When you choose living in this way, there will be prices to pay. Vulnerabilities exposed. Emotion intertwined into the very fabric of the work you are creating. Allow it all. Know it is part of the messy-beautiful-painful-wonderful package to do the work you want to do.

They always say beginning is the hardest part,
but that there is so much magic in beginning.