I wound up in a yoga studio a few years ago to take my first class ever. Prompted by my sister's request to give it a try, there we were in the back of the room, hoping no one would find us out. Minutes in with cramping feet (Cole) and trembling downward dog arms (me) it became very clear this was our first rodeo.

After the class something resonated within whispering, "Stay with this, come back tomorrow."

Well, I listened and the young woman who couldn't touch her toes for a long shot, had zero core strength and flexibility, and a mile a minute pace of life, transformed.

I owe this to the many teachers I have stepped on the mat with and especially for the teacher who created a teacher within me, Noell Clark.

I will never forget the first class I took with her, my seated forward fold, a disguised mess I thought. She came over to me with 3 blankets and said, "Sit on these, then reach." There I was, almost 6 feet tall, up a few feet, reaching for my toes. I wondered what people thought that I needed this much assistance while simultaneously loving that she approached me in this way. From our first class on I knew I'd be a regular.

Fast forward years later to her teacher training. I wasn't looking for it and one day after class she told me to think about it. "But I can't even do the arm balancing poses yet" I thought. "I see the way your eyes light up on the mat" she said, "just think about it."

Back and forth. The ego and I communicating constantly, intimidated by who I'd possibly be surrounded by in training. Would they find me out? Who would they think I was? Who did *I* think I was?

Fast forward to today where teaching yoga classes has brought me to tears in gratefulness to be able to share this practice with others. To be able to be *me* doing it, without the loom of comparison. For this I thank my teacher Noell, who, from the moment we met, was real with me and I with her. Our foundation set. Over the years I would unravel and build and it would be the journey of my lifetime.

This morning after a flow class with her, I reflected on how far I've come, how much of a backbone this practice is in my life and how it influences the way I build my business and share relationship with everything around me.

Yoga requires that you be with what is. Your human body. We start there. How does it move? What does it remember and hold onto? If we move even slower, more methodically, what shifts? What is it capable of? Oh, the possibilities.

This work on the mat, my daily practice, guides everything I do. I spend time with whatever is going on first, in my own body. I quiet the noise. I stay and I breathe. It gets uncomfortable. I stay and I breathe. It challenges me. I stay and I breathe. It inspires me. I stay and I breathe.

Your body is what anchors you to being Here. A surreal museum of switches and gadgets helping the system function as a whole.

What your body experiences, what it believes and what it speaks, determines the course of what's coming.

When was the last time you spent time with what you've got?
Met it there and saw it for what it really was?

We start there, in our human bodies and we end there, in our human bodies.

Yoga, I am so thankful.