Weighing the Wreckage of Isolation

As human beings intrinsically intertwined to the universe as a whole, we reside in depths much deeper than we are allowed to feel socially. Your heart knows how deep you are, how vastly open you are, how able to dive down you are. When you deprive yourself of this deep work of the heart, of the soul, your entire self will feel shut off, isolated, lacking essential juice because you have removed yourself from your home base. You do not live on the surface and a life that barely scrapes below this imaginary boundary will leave you feeling less than you know you are. So go deep. Go into the depths. Go into the darkness. Feel where it's heavy and shine light on what you thought you couldn't look at. And when you go searching, don't look away. Stay with yourself. Hold yourself with tender hands. You deserve to be held. Delve into yourself and I promise you will leave feeling lighter than before.

This year has been a big one for me musically. I've always enjoyed the way music makes me feel but until this year, I haven't sat with entire albums from start to finish, completely absorbed by the sound, the rhythm and the meaning. I'd plug in my beats head phones, crawl into and underneath my puffy white comforter and lose myself into the music. I offer that invitation to you whenever I post songs on here. The songs I choose to share are songs that have moved me, songs that I have experienced deep inside myself.

Give it a try:

If you're lost and lonely,
go and figure out why

Cause we're all lonely, we're all lonely, together.

I want to bleed your blood,
I want to be let in.

Don't we all just want to be together?

Are you feeling fearful brother?
Are you feeling fearful sister?

The only way to lose that fearful feeling
Replace it with Love, that's healing.

You do NOT have to go it alone. Reach for those near and far. Let them catch you and
all the way

I'll meet you there.