All In

2016 recap: Find what you need when you drop how you think you're supposed to get it.

The consistent theme this year: trusting the grand unfolding of every tiny moment.

The people I've landed in front of face-to-face.

The words I've shared with others voice-to-voice.

The stories I've heard ear-to-ear.

The hearts I've felt beat-by-beat.

I have been deeply intertwined to the unraveling of every identity, the forming of each new one and the pauses in between that seem to freeze time.

This whole thing (life) has never excluded me from anything and because I know that to be true in my experiences, I can assume it's true for you, too.

You are not excluded from the party of your life and joining in, remembering the tune, bringing back the song, will wake the innocent-joyous-little-one and bring all of you, back to life.

With the close of this year I hope you see, feel, touch, smell, hear anything, everything! and that it ignites your nerve endings. That it shocks your soul, heightens your awareness and expands your ability to experience each moment.

Even when everything is falling apart, if you're there for it, ain't no better place to be.

Choose to stay with yourself. Your whole self. Hidden underneath the covers, behind the curtains, whatever's locked away. You need your whole heart for where you're going.

Take all of you with all of life.
Be all in.