The time is here! The last month of the year is upon us, bringing resolutions and hopeful changes to the forefront. A time of hustle and bustle that can make it hard for us to slow down and reflect on the struggles and successes that have taken place inside and outside of us.

With a little intention and a lot of celebration, join Sister Roots in this upcoming workshop A NEW YEAR, A NEW YOU.

An evening designed to bring out of you what you really want from your life and the tools to make it happen.

When we focus in, look at the landscape and declare what it is we truly want, we begin to claim it as ours.

Closing this year, Sister Roots has grown from a dream I once had as a young girl- to show women how worthy, powerful and capable they are of creating the life they deserve, to running women's workshop series throughout the year, making it a reality. I am beside myself with what has transpired. What might come next?

Spend the evening with me getting clear and confident on the possibilities of your dreams!