Dear Andre,

Dear Andre,

I'm loud. I'm passionate. I'm overflowing with energy. I feel and think deeply. I'm curious and ask a lot of questions. Communicating is one of my favorite hobbies. I'm silly and playful, sarcastic and sometimes hurtful. I'm directive and powerful.

Up until I met you, I thought all of who I was, was too much. That I needed to be smaller and less intimidating to be loved.


You looked at me, spent the time to truly see me and decided to stay. You celebrated all of me and supported my every endeavor. Loving and understanding.

Andre, with all that you give me, I've grown to love myself more and more for what I am. All of it. All because you love me unconditionally. My greatest gift on days of love and celebration, is reflecting on your character, and on what we continue to create together. The adventure of my lifetime.

I love you!

Heather Rose