When we were young our dreams were bold and forgiving. We created colorful creatures and playful backdrops and brought them to life, well aware that we might never see them again, or that things would change. We were inspired, sometimes terrified, by the possibilities that hid behind every closed door, underneath every unmade bed. We focused less on finding out the answers and more on bringing our imaginations to life by asking, “Why not?” We saw the world through rainbow-colored glasses and looked up to the night sky filled with sparkling miracles and believed in the beauty around us.

We played make-believe because what we created, we believed in, and that was enough.

Our ability to play pretend didn't have to stop as we entered into adulthood but somewhere between desperately hoping to fit in and pressuring social norms, we stopped believing in our imaginations. And worse, we stopped believing in ourselves. We ditched the colored pencils for our outlook calendars, focusing more on activities to add to the resume than what we could make with popsicle sticks and glue.

Now more than ever, we need the makers within all of us to come out and play. We need to remind ourselves that we are more than just consumers. We are here to share who we are, to be kind throughout the journey, especially to ourselves, and to choose to have a developing relationship with inspiration. When we remember how forgiving and bold we once were, we can be sure that it's still within us- all we have to do is choose to reconnect with it.

We always have an invitation to close our eyes, take a deep breath, conjure up our dreams and allow them to be our guide. I dare you to try.