Rooting for You

When preparing to launch Sister Roots, an 8 week women's workshop, I had a general idea of what would take place. I knew the content I was putting together was controversial, in the sense that it would ask women in the group to look at what's lying deep inside. The stuff that dictates the state we are in most of the time. Obsessing over how skinny we look or how being who we are feels like too much for those around us. That taking up space isn't our right and that in fact, we'd do anything to take up less of it. Learned and ingrained. Deep, deep, deep within.

I thought about what the potential audience would think of the topics driving this course. "Am I asking too much? Will anyone want to go there with me?" Doubt clouding my mind, I had gone over every worse case scenario and none of them were as bad as not trying. Without allowing myself time to overthink it, I posted the flyer with what to expect and I waited to see what would happen.

We are now half way through the workshop series, week four taking place last night. The overall theme of the workshop series is to heighten awareness. To become more observant of why we think, say and do the things we do. Are we consciously aware of what we project out into the world and why? Do we want to shift things that don't line up with our values? Do we have a hard time telling those close to us how we really feel about something, scared that judgment is all we'll receive? These realities present themselves on a daily basis and the more we push them under the rug, the more they fester.

When I am in my head about everything, I feel overwhelmed and totally alone in my sorrows. In silence it seems I must be the only person feeling this kind of pain or confusion. But the moment I decide to share, to be open enough to look at all the gray matter, I take a step closer to we and it doesn't seem so scary after all. This is the foundation of Sister Roots. You never have to go alone, we go together. Cheering you on- rooting for you every step of the way.

All anyone really wants is to be loved for who they truly are, quirks and wounds included. To be able to express themselves without concern of what everyone else might think or say about it. To know, deep, deep, deep down, that who they are is enough. That who they are shines so bright. That who they are is worthy of belonging regardless of the job, the clothes, the extras. This is what Sister Roots is creating, within myself and within the women surrounding me. A safe space to say and play, to create and discover, to share and connect. What a dream.