I'll Land

 art by my sister at www.colegood.com

art by my sister at www.colegood.com

To leap means to trust and to move forward, now.

Not, once every detail is planned out.

Not, once there is enough money to dip into.

Not, once there is more time.

But, now.

When we leap, we move quicker than our memorized mental road blocks and allow ourselves the gift of spontaneity and true presence. We ignite action steps that hush the safety guards put in place from our past and launch into new currents void of thinking and panic. In this place we discover possibility and opportunity abound, in this place we discover how capable and powerful we truly are.

Leaping seems to be the theme for me these days.

April 2015 - Teach first yoga class to the public
June 2015- Go to Nepal after the earthquake
June-September 2015- Backpack throughout Asia
October 2015- Launch website
January 2016- Launch Sister Roots
February 2016- Start yoga in the park

When I leap, the only thing I know is that I'll land. Will I end up where I expect? Probably not. Will it be graceful? Who knows. Will it feel limitless and expansive when in the midst of the leap? Absolutely.

Leap not for the landing, but for what it feels like to soar through the air- you'll land somewhere.