With You

The more I step into who I am, the more I feel compelled to share.

The more I share, the more connected to you I feel.

The more connected I feel, the more energized I am, which fuels me to share more.

A continuous cycle of give and take that remains quiet, seemingly unnoticed.

But I am here to tell you that each message of encouragement, supporting statement and shared smile etches into the fabric of me, thoughtfully creating and shaping how I engage with the world around me.

Cole, Jacque, Jamie and Nicole, from the moment I decided to put myself out there, I was able to do so because you stood beside me. A foundation set in massive amounts of love and countless years of pains and play. Falling to the ground beneath me to be greeted by your faces saves me every time.

Ali, Julia, Bree and Ann, our relationship has fluttered in distance over the years, but your constant cheering keeps me alive. Every conversation we share lightens the load I assume I have to bear, serving as reminders of how special each day can truly be.

Morgan and Jess, my college sweethearts. Wei and Noell, my guiding lights. Kate, my kalyanamitra. Thank you for leading with grace and authenticity. I learn so much from watching your navigation and embracing your stories.

To the wondrous women of Sister Roots who've become the highlight of my week. Jenn, Samm, Catherine, Jessica and Marissa, thank you for taking a chance on me and diving, heart first, into this workshop series. Being surrounded by dynamic and expressive women is teaching me more than you will ever know.

And finally, to every single person who has reached out through social media to send positive thoughts my way. Thank you, thank you, thank you. The incredible power that sharing offers has the ability to transform us all. On the days I'm doubtful, lost and confused- a message arrives in my inbox. Words of personal insight and experience, inspiration and companionship. The fuel that keeps this fire burning is because of so many of you.

I am a compilation of give and take, of seek and share, of me and we... and I could not do it without you.