Heart Simulation

Take your right hand and lift it up.

Curl your fingers into your palm, making the shape of a fist.

Imagine this is your heart.

Now take your left hand and cover your right fist. Clasp it, don't let it let go.

Imagine this is your ego.

Two pieces, different layers, fused together, propelling the decisions that we make every day.

Influencing the words that we speak and the stories that shape our lives.

Running into walls in our relationships, causing questions that ask us- who is it that's speaking and what, at its root, is trying to be expressed?

Is it coming from my right hand or my left?

Is this hand an expression of truth and integrity, or is it wrapped up in the drama, the lacking, the ever-illusive-and-transforming list of requirements to be enough, to belong, to be loved.

If we become aware of the nature of our hands, of the relationship that the heart and the ego share, we can navigate the roads ahead with new depths of love and intention leading the way.