"I've seen the darkness in the light
The kind of blue that leaves you lost and blind
The only thing that's black and white
Is that you don't have to walk alone this time

We have to tear down the walls that live in your heart
To find someone (you) call home
Now you see me for me and my beautiful scars
So take my hand, don't let go"

These lyrics from Broken Arrows by Avicii communicate well what I feel represents the essence of Sister Roots currently.

Reaching down to the roots where it gets a little darker, potentially fragile and more painful, we become inspired and motivated because we can see that we are not digging alone.

Walking hand in hand, side by side- looking at the terrain in front of us, very aware of its twists and turns, yet prepared and curious. Inquiry awaits and whatever presents itself can be digested in appropriate timing. No more pressure, harping, tearing ourselves down regarding where we are. Simple reflection and observation. Shining the light on our beautiful scars, powerful stories and workings of the heart.

Is this even real life?