"You're lucky to have someone like that in your life."

"You're lucky that new job came just in time."

"You're lucky that didn't kill you."

We've become comfortable attributing much of the good fortune we experience in our lives to luck. To some force completely outside of ourselves dictating the flow of what comes and what goes. If it's something outside of me, when pain arises, when my heart is breaking, when confusion clouds the scene, I don't have to take responsibility. As luck would have it, these things just happen to me.

In this dialogue, how much of our personal power do we harness for growth and development? How does referring to 'luck' impact the action steps of our lives? Does it put us in the driver's seat or at the will of something or someone else?

I choose to see luck as something I create, something I design. I choose to believe that I influence chance every step of the way.

Like a puzzle. A jumble of hundreds of pieces, various shapes resembling each other, unique in how they eventually come together. Using trial and error to pick up a piece and place it down, occasionally trying to squeeze one somewhere it doesn't belong. Continuing to shift and combine the assortment of pieces, fully engaged in the process of exploration and discovery. Progress being made with every new move, even if that move was to start over again. Seeking the hands of others to assist, to come and join the journey of piecing together the puzzle of you.

With time, we come to see the picture more clearly, better aware of the next piece's destination until finally, with one more left in hand, the masterpiece in front of us is realized. The masterpiece of who you are, the masterpiece of who you've always been.