Become the Wind

Greeting my face with renewed energy, swiftly pressing at my back to keep me moving forward, playfully dancing around me, drawing my hair in every which way, sometimes soft, sometimes surging, when the wind arises, I come alive. A reminder to my senses that I am in motion, that I am surrounded by air and breathing it in. An invitation to close my eyes, to trust and to let go. My lungs expand. I completely release into the experience of being movement and relish in its lightness.

Wind is in motion, we are in motion, the things happening around us are also, in motion. When two moving pieces come together, different outcomes can occur. Currents of motion can either collide into one another, wrestling and creating opposition, or they can play together, transferring and transforming from one to the other. A fight pinned against each other, where only one will be victorious, or a dance of natural movement between the two, celebrating different directions ventured.

How we choose to respond to the forces of motion that come into contact with us can result in both positive and negative experiences. If I choose to see myself and the other as two completely separate entities, unrelated to each other, then we clash. We create struggle, making the backdrop of our lives a battlefield. When I have to exert more energy, more motion, to over throw or over power your motion, I am choosing to make my reality a problematic one. This stance leads to isolation, loneliness and increased tension.

If I choose to see another in motion as a necessary piece of my movement, my reality transforms. I move from isolation to connection with a breath, turning a moment into a movement carrying us through, surrendering to the power that multiple currents can create. When we seek connection, we are able to sweep away the tension and the fear. We become aware of spontaneous similarity and appreciate the unique characteristics of the other. Me becomes we and the relationship can develop freely without constraint.

The wind, much like life, asks us what we want from our experiences. Are we seeking struggle and confrontation or are we here for growth and unity, love and appreciation?

You can choose to run from the wind, to separate yourself, or you can choose to become it.

Close your eyes and tell me which you'd rather choose.