Nature's Child

One of my closet girl friends has the coolest eye. Adding personal touches to whatever comes her way, re-purposing the old, not to make it new, but to dive deeper into the mystery, to dig around and discover stories untold. Expressing intimacies and uniqueness with each antique piece bought or clothing item re-purposed.

She expresses this gift in her personal belongings and artwork but never in the form I experienced last week while staying with her in Oceanside. We wound up in the backyard talking photo and design ideas, which led me to ask if she wanted to "stage" a few shots as an experiment. I'd "model" whatever creative vision she saw, we'd just have fun with it and create stories together. She'd have a camera in hand and from there we'd figure it out.

AND SERIOUSLY, shooting with one of your best friends, who has never taken photos before, but trusted an experience for the sake of play and expression was one of the coolest things ever. I've shot with serious photographers and silly ones, lame ones and specific ones but never with someone who I knew so well, someone I could easily be me with.

The power of being who we are and capturing that truth has gifts far beyond a photograph. It has the potential to change the way we see moments as they lay out in front of us for what they are. And when we recognize their fleeting nature, uninterested in tweaking or amplifying, we can observe and appreciate the beauty that is.

Jess, thank you for trying something new with me, something you've never done before and making it something beautiful.