I have all this stuff I want to share with you. Stuff I think you'll really appreciate and enjoy.

Pictures from my trip last year of some pretty moving stuff from India and Nepal, Cambodia and Indonesia, Thailand and beyond. Words of insight from the experiences. Yoga and meditation moments. The dream of what running a women's workshop (Sister Roots) actually felt like upon coming home. What's going on now. How wonderful my trip to Southern California this past week was (a living savasana). Flowers from my morning walk and realizations of how special it is to even be here. Breathing and laughing and crying every day.

I've always loved sharing. With everyone about everything. And I think this stems back to the beginning (as it often does), linking myself to a wide variety of people and whatever genre they fell in. I loved loving people and more than that, I loved when they could find love in each other unexpectedly. Because often we stay where we make sense. With people we're comfortable with, who look like us and talk like us and think what we think. But I didn't want those people. I wanted a lot of faces and stories and idiosyncrasies. And it was challenging. I was in relationships from a young age that were built on having hard conversations and being real and honest and open. (Realizing now how cool this is and how full my heart feels just thinking about it)

And sometimes I love sharing, so much so, that I forget to have the full experience for myself, without the pressure or expectation of how it will be spoken or written later on. And I need to have the week away and the insight and the photos just for myself. For a litttttttle bit. And when the time comes that I do share, I am so unbelievably charged by it that it won't be too long until I return.

Thanks for sticking around when I go adventuring off for a short while. I promise to keep coming back.