Planting Seeds

 The cutest little dancing flowers made by my sister at - click image to visit her website

The cutest little dancing flowers made by my sister at - click image to visit her website

Everyday we're having conversations with people. Some we enjoy, some we are challenged by, some we downright dislike.

We go back and forth between a place of silence in our own space, to answering invitations to share with others in hang outs, meetings, unexpected run-ins and beyond.

We might recognize the gravity of what we are saying and hearing in those moments with those people, but often, there is too much calling for our attention to realize the impact each thought expressed or sentence heard, can carry.

Usually, we're given fleeting moments of inexpressible, explosive joy long after the conversation's been had, the experience lived through, allowing time for processing and sorting. THEN BOOM. It appears that all of this stuff just started happening. Linking us to the exact place we were meant to be. Receiving fragments, bits of insight, here and there, everywhere!

These moments are important because they remind us that there has been something wonderful, something magnificent at play all along. Testing our capacity to trust in what we don't see, what we can't hear, what we might not be sure of in the meantime. 

I've been having some pretty awesome conversations lately and I have no doubt that subtle shifts are constantly running through me, surrounding me, pulling me forward. Like I'm plugged into a source fueling my insides to keep making and creating and sharing. I don't have "the plan" but I'm following the currents, the feelings, to where they're taking me, listening, looking around and taking it all in.


1. Sister Roots is back at it again, ready for round two and starts May 3rd.
More details about where, when and what the women of round one had to say, here.

2. Rooted, a leadership course for women, is being developed now alongside the absolutely inspiring and hilarious women of Sister Roots' leading ladies.

3. My sister Nicole and I are creating an off-the-grid experience at the end of this month aimed at facing fears, gaining new skills and celebrating community.

So then, today, knowing that what you are saying and what you are hearing has the potential to plant the seeds of your dreams, might you make that next conversation a meaningful one?