Freeze Tag

Lately I'm being hit left and right with a variety of "Wait, this is fascinating!" kind-of-stuff that I scribble onto a post-it, notepad or napkin with intention of landing myself into a comfortable zone to sit down and tell you about it, here.

But something keeps happening, continuing to pull me away from a comfortable zone. A current has taken ahold of me and when I force myself to sit at the computer screen, I can feel the tension start to build. I want to write more of what's within, down, draw it out, dance with it, chew on it- but more than that, I want to live the moments fully, first. 

Before we worry so much about the end point, we must stop and take a look around, breathe it all in and say thank you for every baby step we take today. You crawled before you walked and running for the sake of running will do nothing but tire you out.

If you haven't been graced by Oh Wonder yet, I want to leave you with an invitation to check them out. I stumbled upon their music when I was in India last year and their album has done more for me then I can say now. I've led small group work to the sound of their music, art projects come to life when I hear them and I now look for reasons to get in my car so that I can drive around with my windows down and play every song. EVERY SONG, I LIKE. That never happens. They make me lose it. Check them out. (ps the audition for the dancers for the music video below is what the footage is, LOVE THEM LOVE THEM LOVE THEM)

OH and they will be at Outside Lands!

Your turn to lose it.