Espress yo'self

I'm sitting outside in the backyard and up above me is bright blue sky, a squirrel just ran by along the fence and birds are constant, floating between the bamboo and dipping in the pool. This is my 'office' space. The occasional animal calls (one cat, one pug) here and there but aside from that, it's pretty quiet around here.

Most of my days are spent like this. Alone and in silence, usually in the backyard. Sometimes when it seems like I haven't heard sound in quite some time, I'll put on some music. Today has followed this pattern and I'd thought I'd share this story with you because it made me smile.

Sitting back in my chair, bundled up to keep warm from the cool winds, a sweet scent drifted my way, carried on currents right to my nostrils. My espresso candle! Just bought it a few days ago to light when sitting down to write. *My thought process is that I don't need to drink the cup of coffee to get the benefits, the simple aroma would do the trick, to get me and inspiration in the mood. I can't remember why or how the candle got outside but there it was and it hadn't been lit yet.

This got me thinking. This candle, so sweet smelling, even in the cool weather, harsh winds AND without being lit. The candle, in any external condition, can still smell just as sweet. When I think about sweetness, I think about kindness.

I like my new espresso candle. When ignited- fire, passion and spark fill the room, sending warmth and joy to all around. In cooler, less inviting, more stressful circumstances, it can still give off its sweet scent. The gift of the candle is that no matter the environment, it can still smell sweet, and for me, a reminder that we can always be kind.

I vote people should act like candles, being kind and practicing what it feels like to light each other up because I'll tell you this- there's nothing like it.