Remember that time you got inconclusive information from the doctor's office, leaving you gripped by all the fear of what might be?

Remember that time you spent racking your brain, placing every decisive detail in place, only to have the entire thing completely reorganized?

Remember that time you completely shut down, turned into something you couldn't even recognize, and said things you didn't even know you were capable of?

Yeah, me too.

Remember that you are not alone in what you experience.

Remember that the person behind you in line at the coffee shop, the elderly man slowly stepping his way across the street, the teen who can't peel their eyes off their cell phone, is going to or already has, experienced the pain that you have.

Maybe a different time, different place, different manner, but the essence remains the same: the human condition is to have feelings and we are very connected to our feelings.

Remember that you, like me, have so much to discover, and that you will never have to walk alone on this path, only if you so choose.