Testing, Testing 1-2-3

Many of us are asked on a regular basis what we believe in. If not blatantly asked, we're probably thinking about it. About spiritual practices present because if one is at all, it is probably one of the largest pieces of our lives.

So we justify our belief system to someone else by naming a verse, showing up for scripture or attending a service of sorts. And though in itself, justification can be with intent to be morally virtuous, it can also be in attempts to show or prove, to find confirmation in being right. One intent carries trust and the other, fear.

Let's ask ourselves, what is leading the way when we find ourselves justifying stories, sharing all the reasons why. Is it to limit the interaction, nervous to truly be yourself and say this is what I believe and leave it at that? No long winded explanations needed.

Depending on if you feel energetically light or heavy will help to decipher what might be sparking the justification. And from there you get to choose. How you share and why you share is up to you, it's personal, however, not something to make or take personal.

Let your life speak in the way you treat others, in the way you share time with them and how you expand by being in the presence of each other.

People are the currency to cure this place. 

That I do believe.

And I said CHURCH.