Intentional Vision

Lately I've been engaged in new activities of play as my work. This has in part led me away from my blog, in part opened up so many other forms of inspiration (ie; yoga movements in the pool, emotion color cards, lyrical dialogue and open arts and crafts circles).

Add Sister Roots round 2 to the mix and BAM!

Hit in every direction these days with insight, excitement and passion from the people in the Bay Area- the brave ones not willing to accept as it is for what it is. It gets me all ecstatic inside!!

When Sister Roots first launched this January, people I ran into would ask what I was doing for work. Immediately I'd rattle off the kinds of conversations we were having and how necessary and wonderful doing this was for me and the community.

"You're so excited about this," was often the response and I started to believe I was too eccentric about my life, too interested in enjoying the ride. I repeat: I started to believe I was too eccentric about my life, too interested in enjoying the ride.

What the?

The kind of manipulation taking place in our societies started a long time ago, distracting you from yourself. So focused on succeeding that you missed the point completely

When the noise gets too loud and the chaos seems to be all you can hear, take rest. Allow room for play. 15 minutes will do. Create something with crayons. Drive to a destination for no other reason then to see what the rest of the world is up to. Set an hour alarm on your phone, keep it away from you and do something -just for fun- until the alarm goes off. *The reason you're setting the alarm is so the phone isn't in reach, isn't in sight for that matter.

Here's some of the stuff I've been creating. 

You have intentional vision. Use it wisely. Place it where it matters and leave the rest behind.