Girls Who Lead

It starts really, really young for all of us;

caring what people think,

getting our feelings hurt,

not comfortable sharing,

not having the appropriate tools to express what we really mean to say deep, deep down,

or understanding why it's necessary to do so.


Hiding from ourselves not because we - wanted - to but because it isn't safe anymore.

It hasn't been safe for a long time.

We had to protect ourselves.

It's instinct.


If we are going to be here at all, we need to protect ourselves.

We don't trust anyone anymore. 

Not our food,

or our bosses,

or the government,

or ad agencies,

or close friends,

or our families.

We don't feel safe.

We protect ourselves instinctually from so many things on a regular basis, that we miss out on the grandest things of all.

(heart breaks)

(doesn't mean it's broken)

(more light to shine in)

(more experiential knowledge to gain)

(more empathy to develop)

(more compassion to cultivate)

(more awareness about it all)

If you choose to walk this path, one of great appreciation and fascination with the world around you, intrigued by its polarity and paradoxes, fueled by good intention and the potential of a moment- this journey will provide what you need.

I spent the past week at summer camp with a group of third and fourth grade girls. We talked about what it means to be a real girl instead of a perfect girl, how to have conversations when you're angry and what our inside and outside feelings are telling us. Add in skits, water fights, arts and crafts and small group advising- talk about a dream week.

I'm exhausted though renewed with hope and insight. We need to wake up to what's really going on with our people. Our people and the state of their hearts.

It's time to start wondering, "What's going on with our people?"

And that starts by taking a real good look at yourself,

being honest


being brave.


A girl who leads

leads with heart

by being honest

and being brave

every step of the way.