What does it mean to be a parent?

Parenting 101:

What are the qualifications?

What are the guidelines?

Where do we place value and why?

"What if the world was set up in such a way that we could really believe, not just pretend to, that having spent a period of time concentrating on raising children at the expense of future earnings would bring us respect? And what if that could be as true for men as it is for women?" - Judith Shulevitz

Some good questions to think about on this Father's Day

June 2016

Father's Day at San Quentin brings families together

Inmates were asked what could be done to make things better for them.
Their answer: Let us see our families.

In the end, Davis and his son opted for a game of chess.
"I'm going to take all your good pieces first," the son told the father.


I know, I know it won't come easily...
Return to the source of light indefinitely...

I've come a long way to tell you this story...
There's no turning back now...
Angels come when you least expect them...
I've seen some crazy dreams manifested...

Sunrise over San Francisco.
Have you ever met an angel?
I know, I know only the rough of it.
One side of the story.
Now I cannot forget.

Here we go, another chapter.
One step closer,
needed some closure,
closing up my borders,
got into the mind of,
a tortured warrior.

I am not responsible
for your past

On the journey from the head to heart,
Do you think you can last?

Father or figure:

Whoever it is that shaped you into being who you are

by being there or not being there,

we can always find a thank you.

Thank them today

for what they gave to you

and what they took away.