Sister, wha? Sister Roots! So, what is it anyway?

Last Saturday we completed the second round of Sister Roots!

Sister Roots began late January, launching its first 8 week women's workshop to the public. I had no idea what to expect, took myself very seriously and hoped for the best. The women that came through the door would be the ones guiding me to trust in what Sister Roots was capable of, planting its seed firmly (but with care) into the ground.

Time to take root.

May kicked off Round 2 with another group of women ready to look within. I was much more comfortable and aware of the flow that would follow with this 8 week women's workshop, making it even more playful to facilitate. The level of trust that I had in the process and the environment was incredible and allowed the group of women to reach fantastic realizations about themselves and the world around them.

To describe Sister Roots further, I put together some general things to expect from the 8 week women's workshop series:



So, what is Sister Roots?




A: a tribe of warrior women. 




Ladies of Sister Roots,
I love your feet for how they found me.
(the song below is for you)