Once and for all

We all have the capacity to draw people in, to draw ideas in, to pull-in what we are seeking.

Magnetism noun/ a physical phenomenon produced by the motion of electric charge,
resulting in attractive and repulsive forces between objects.

Swap the word 'objects' with 'people' and you've got my prediction for today at the voting polls and on social media. Politics on the web is probably the easiest way to waste your energy and the least productive way to engage a meaningful debate. Better to take the high road and live your life the way you believe others should. Less talk, more action. Online slander, hate and finger pointing is proof of how comfortable we are talking, all the time, often impulsive and shallow in openness and content research, and how uncomfortable we are with listening, real interest in what someone else has to say.

Whatever it is that you think should happen for this country, could happen for this country, deserves thoughtful attention and contemplation. Nothing changes overnight and we can see in the environment of our small households how hard it is to have challenging conversations without becoming hateful and assumptive. Self-assurance and attack-tactics are proof that the ego is irritated and timid. It likes to see itself as separate by assuming you know best *no matter what*, confirming how special it is/how special you are.

Of course you are special! Not because you are better than or separate from but because you are part of the whole and that connection itself assures that you are unique and valuable. Maybe that doesn't sound great to you, maybe it sounds fantastic. Check in with your feelings throughout the day, they are invitations to further self-discovery, as long as you remain open in your quest.

What I do predict will be changing the future/will need mending in the future:

1. Roles and relationships that men and women have and engage in.

- Women can now prevent getting pregnant with the invention of birth control. By removing the thought of possible pregnancy, the door to developing masculine senses arose. Feelings of freedom, liberation and dominance of self began to fuel in women, something only men were experiencing before. Before birth control, if sex was happening, it was very clear that a baby coming *out of it* (no pun intended) was an obvious and accepted after-affect.

- Women can now work the same jobs as men, with confidence, and do so while being more empathetic, aware and connected. It's in our nature. Fuel this with men, now being the stay-at-home-dads, enjoying nature and discovering what it feels like to flow. Feelings of fluidity and fullness fill him up while she strives for more dominance. Because, understandably, a HUGE chunk of her discovering what was -being done to her- didn't have it in her to forgive and instead, pointed the finger right back. The anger multiplies... 

- We have now entered a time where the presence of masculinity and femininity are in constant states of change when compared with what was consistent -maybe suppressed- in the past. Which is why marriage, no longer referring to literal ownership, became 'legal' for same-sex couples. So many people experience a loss of internal balance of their masculine and feminine energy because of mixed messages in media and from young societal conforming.

- What this means/what we should be wondering:
Why would anyone choose long-term partnership now, anyway?


2. Sleep: the necessity and desire.

- Our obsession with power and dominance (hey U.S.) paired with the explosion of technology, has directly impacted our quality of sleep, how long we need it and if it matters at all. Sleep has become a commodity with exhaustion up for first place. If I can keep working, keep creating, keep going- then no one will out run me or at least, I won't outrun me. The madness ensues. Nobody relaxed, the air is tense and we are still being oppressed through massive fear-induced separation. Of women, from the whole. Of any color skin, from the whole. Of any sexual preference, from the whole. Ripping us apart, tearing away at our trust as community members, impacting our ability to show ourselves and offer Love.

- Once upon a time people woke with the sun and slept with the moon, charged by nature's gifts. A pattern of exertion and increased motion or activity in the day followed by settling down at night- that was the only option. With the invention of the light bulb we can now artificially create light in any place we want, at any time we want (flashlights, phone flashlights, screens of any kind.) And what they are starting to find in a lot of conclusive research is that lack of good and consistent sleep greatly affects your inner glow. Now, maybe I'm the only one but I want my inner glow to be the best part about me. And the best part about me deserves and demands rest. R*E*S*T* rest. Like relaxation, release, yin, napping, slowing down.

- "As more and more people are coming to realize, there is far more to living a truly successful life than just earning a bigger salary and capturing a corner office. Our relentless pursuit of the two traditional metrics of success - money and power - has led to an epidemic of burnout and stress-related illnesses, and an erosion in the quality of our relationships, family life, and, ironically, our careers. In being connected to the world 24/7, we're losing our connection to what truly matters." - Arianna Huffinton of the Huffinton Post in her newest book, Thrive 

- What this means/what we should be wondering:
Why would anyone choose to sleep/rest now, anyway?


3. Faith Absorption.


4. Sexuality and Sensuality.

- The Stanford rape case being spoken about everywhere is crazy town in the best way possible. Why?

1) I am beyond moved by her bravery to share such a first account depiction of what she has experienced since the event. I cried and closed off from the people I was spending time with when clicking the link on Facebook, unaware of what I was about to read. It was like, for a moment, that it happened to me. Women and our ability to connect and empathize makes this story shared one of HUGE proportion. I can see it when different gender newscasters share the same story. The woman, extremely riveted, almost to tears, and the man, caring but more nonchalant in his speech and body language.

2) The core issue here, which shouldn't have to be an issue, is sexuality. Repression of, expression of, exploitation of, shaming of... on and on. Something so basic to our development, a necessary piece of who we are, that for many, is stolen from them before they even knew it was theirs to have. Huge problems here and like many sensitive topics, it isn't the easiest to talk openly about.

3) With birth control, sexual promiscuity, and research we started exploring a whole new sexual evolution. The body, mind and soul experiencing sexuality/sensuality in such ways that removed constructs of time and place. Pure moments of bliss studied and recorded in the brain.

With all the abuse, rape and dominance taking place around the world, it is clear that we've become overly aggressive people. Where must we look for healing?

Oh, sexuality huh?

You don't say...

And that doesn't mean having more sex or watching more porn. In fact, it means looking at what you think about yourself, your goods, your partner's goods, what actions or inactions you'd take to help instead of hinder their personal safety? And when you still don't get it- what if this rape, dominance, abuse, sexualization was happening to your daughter, son, brother, sister, mother, father? What if you're the abuser? Start paying attention to what's happening within. Shame is heavy and will weigh you down forever until set free. Lots of healing needed around the world and your courage can start a ripple effect.

We need mental health healing. Bad.

Everywhere, near and far.

And not because we are angry.

But because we are sad.

Because we know we can do better.

As a collective, we are screaming out for liberation in the name of Love, once and for All.