When we find people who draw us in with every breath, every thought, meld-able with ease- a sense of trust, openness and feeling seen takes place. When we find the people interested and passionate about what makes us tic, love begins to grow.

Love brings up fascination of that other person, opening up to show pieces of themselves and through the process, discovers more about who they are. That's why we love Love. It is the grandest invitation to be who you truly are. Love lights up seeing your idiosyncrasies come to life and marvels at watching you be you.

This can only happen when you are willing to show people who you are, the real you. 

The more that I muster up the bravery to share who I am with the world, I realize how silly it is to care so much about what other people think. Everyone is screaming out to be laughed with, loved and appreciated.

You being you might be just what they need to turn it all around.