On the same day that a close friend became a mother, Marley (our pug) heads back to the vet, severe pancreatitis it seems.

On the same day that a friend tied the knot, another friend lost her father from an accident on the road.

On the same day that I celebrated the close of Sister Roots Round 2, I got a call that my grandmother went to the hospital and wasn't doing well.

When you decide that your life and your pain is greater than anyone else's AND greater than life's joys, that is a choice you are making.

Sadness placed beside joy- very, very close together. Sometimes transitioning from one to the other within moments. Their arrival and departure flow in a manner that reminds me, they go together, they were meant for each other.

Bad things, unfortunate things, never wanted to happen things, will occur.

Are you willing to recognize everything else that is taking place simultaneously?

Are you willing to expand your vision, include the peripherals and look beyond what's hurting?

If you do
you will bring into life
the unforeseen.

Hurting and healing
our way through these days.
ain't no easy way.