Healing Collective Hurt

starts within.

start within.

Nahko and Medicine for the people just released Hoka, an album that will break your heart open toward this confusion, this uncertainty. You will hear stories of the Native Americans and how sacred this land was that we stumbled upon. This land that we are tearing apart, creating division, meanwhile, martial law possibilities. WTF?

We are wimpy men with guns. Did anyone see The Revenant? Yeah, that's strength. A knife in hand, a bear on foot, an arrow needs precision. There is time to grapple. But for us? 49 dead within moments in Orlando. Do you understand the lack of integrity here? Guns are the opposite of bravery and instill that you are motivated by fear more than love. A gun represents fear. Damn. Maybe I'm having my own realizations right now. (I do write here to chew on life's difficulties because sometimes I just feel for people. All this crap flying around rooted in pride, terribly uninformed. And we kill because of it.)

We are actually killing people like we get rewarded to do so, because we do. We have mismanaged our human self for the sake of future development and artificial intelligence, squashing whatever stands in our way. Quite literally running through communities and slaughtering them. This is happening in many places around the world. Right now.

Listen to Michael Franti & Spearhead and his new album SOULROCKER, say out loud, it's good to be alive today. And if saying that, in this moment, makes your heart cringe instead of expand, if you feel hurt and saddened instead of inspired and hopeful, listen to this music. It starts within.

Listen to the people who we kill and strip and dehumanize. Native Americans. African Americans. Americans tagged to their name, for what?

It is okay to say this hurts. This sucks. I don't have the solution. I don't even know how to speak about it. We start there. Speaking to each other. CURIOUS AND INTERESTED. I am so curious about you. I want to learn by learning about you.

it starts within.

little life makes the big life.

I hope you enjoy these albums. They have impacted me greatly and keep me aligned with why I do what I do every day.

Otherwise, what's the point?

Love is the point.

The point is love.