Racism is a White Problem

Creating tension longing to be resolved. 

Creating tension longing to be resolved. 

If you want to pick up on some good conversation taking place between black and white people, talking openly and honestly about what's going on regarding white supremacy and systematic injustice, click here.

I spent the duration of the podcast nuzzled up with Marley, who is healing her way to healthy, reminding myself that I am allowed to lay down for an hour in the middle of the day. Reminding myself, I am allowed to rest

The nature of society and "social norms" has a sneaky, creepy way of shifting and manipulating how we show up and what we believe is going on. External cues informing internal inquisition, steering us off course, leaving the truest parts of ourselves concealed.

Listen to Black and White: Racism in America with The Liturgists, cuddle up with something furry and enjoy some relaxation.